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We deliver creativity with every step we take


WEDOWEBAPPS, Where We Develop Happy Customers!

The name was chosen because that speaks to exactly what we do – WeDoWebApps LLC. Founder and Managing Director Pratik Patel and CEO Milan Soni established WeDoWebApps LLC with the exhaustive purpose of providing customers with IT solutions created with the recent technology. This principle has guided our organization throughout the years. WeDoWebApps LLC is mainly based on three pillars: efficient processes, established techniques, and talented developers. The combination of three things makes us one of the top development companies. WeDoWebApps LLC is an Ecommerce Website Development Services and Mobile App Development Services provider with 500+ fruitful undertaking projects with 100+ happy clients. Nearly all of them have come back to us, either for a second project or to prescribe us somewhere else. Acquiring their trust is the achievement we are pleased with.
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Project Planning

It all starts with brainstorming discussion, research, and designing of befitting layout.


Without a road map, there is no sense to travel. Creation of blueprint can clarify the vision of the project.


With the timely analysis, we maintain the quality of our work and resolve bugs in the meantime. So, the last minute puzzle won’t be tricky.


We create graphic design for your project and send it to you for your approval.


Development involves the programming work, where your website or app takes final shape.

Quality assurance

We don’t want to leave any vent to go wrong. The quality analysis and testing ensures the delivery of the same quality that you are looking for.


It is always a great time to work on unique ideas. Time to cross fingers, launch the product and see how it is benefitting at large.

Maintenance & Support

We aren’t done yet! We are always standing beside you for any technical assistance you need.


Published : 20th, September 2022 Edited : 15th, June 2023
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