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PHP offers powerful features for your web application. Here’s how!

PHP is an object-oriented scripting language that has been around for decades. It currently powers a huge number of websites and is chosen for its simplicity and security. Modern PHP frameworks enable developers to launch scalable web apps and websites without extensive coding. It ideally suits custom solutions for business web apps that have unique requirements and use cases.

PHP Powers the Web

Popular products like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, all use PHP as their server-side language. PHP powers more than 70% of all websites that currently exist on the internet, making it a favorable choice for developers.

Fully Customizable

PHP offers a customizable way of building unique web solutions for business use cases. May it be an e-commerce store or a search engine, PHP can be used to build any web app for driving user engagement.

Powerful Frameworks

PHP frameworks such as Cake PHP, Laravel, and more come with tons of features for PHP Portal Development. They can integrate with front-end technologies to supercharge applications with high performance, UX, and data security.

Wide Community Support

With so many users favoring PHP for their web projects, there is strong community support for PHP applications. PHP talent, resources, and libraries can be easily found making the development experience easier for businesses.

Solve Key Business Challenges With Our PHP Website Development Services

Our developers are trained in formulating customized solutions for key business challenges that focus on reducing costs and increasing usability. As a leading PHP development company, we build websites and web apps that boost your business performance by designing tools that increase the efficiency of your business processes.

  1. Trained teams for building Custom PHP Development.
  2. Experienced Solution Architects for each project.
  3. Quality Assurance workflows for ensuring defect-free applications.
  4. Business intel support for better project management.
  5. Custom PHP web development for unique business challenges.

PHP Development Services We Offer

Build PHPs that are the right fit for your customers!
Custom PHP Apps

Build and deploy fully customized PHP apps that are targeted towards your business needs. Automate processes, build a website or launch a new SaaS product. WeDoWebApps enables you to achieve your business goals with better performance using our PHP prowess.

PHP Web Development

Rule the web with our PHP Development Services! PHP is powerful enough to build lucrative websites and web apps of any kind for increasing your business potential. Our team of experts helps you formulate the best solution for your web development requirements.

eCommerce Solutions

Looking to sell online? Leverage PHP frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony to launch a feature-rich e-commerce store that is ready to attract new customers. Our developers build and integrate your solution from scratch to offer an unparalleled development experience.

CMS Development

We develop Content Management Systems by utilizing WordPress, Drupal, and other CMS products to tailor solutions to your needs. Our expertise in Open Source PHP development enables businesses to build smooth functioning CMS designs.

Custom Web Portals

Get a CRM for your business, an employee portal, or a new customer support app.WeDoWebApps is equipped with expertise to develop custom web portals that automate business functions while keeping the project scope and budgets under control.

PHP Maintenance & Support

Keep your PHP projects functioning properly with our maintenance & support services. We continuously monitor applications and make updates to your projects, to fix production errors and increase the usability of your apps with consistent support.

Why Must You Choose WeDoWebApps for PHP Development Services?

PHP is one of the most widely used web app technologies in the market for building custom web apps and business websites. With WeDoWebApps , you can leverage our technical PHP expertise and years of development experience to deploy impactful PHP applications custom-designed for you.

Certified PHP Developers
Our team of certified PHP developers comes with the right skill set for your PHP projects. We’re trained on the latest code methodologies, security principles and performance tactics for building winning applications.
Trained On Latest Frameworks
PHP frameworks offer advanced functionalities to developers. Our PHP development company invests in training on the latest PHP frameworks that supercharge web applications and websites for our clients for access to the most in-demand features.
Ensuring Business Impact
Our PHP development services are oriented towards making a strong business impact for your business. We focus on solving your key business challenges with our technical knowledge by automating processes, reducing manual effort, and eliminating resource churn.
Custom Made Web Apps
Our Custom PHP Development Services focus on the unique hurdles your organization or users might be facing. We build apps that minutely target these specific needs by offering highly streamlined solutions made using the flexibility of PHP development methodologies.

Why Must You Choose WeDoWebApps  for PHP Development Services?
Meeting PHP Project Objectives With Agile Development Process

Meeting PHP Project Objectives With Agile Development Process

Identifying Client Needs:
Each client comes with unique business needs. Our PHP Application Development Services first identify and document project needs to offer a solution that is built keeping key considerations in mind.
Idea Wireframing:
For PHP web development, we build a wireframe for ideating how to go about the development process. This helps clients and stakeholders visualize what the app will look like and offer constructive ideas.
UI/UX Designing:
Once initial wireframes frames are approved by the client, we start working on the actual User Interface design and layouts. We actively involve the client in this process.
PHP Development:
All our PHP projects are steered as per the Agile Software Development process which reduces errors, improves project speed, and ensures quality delivery.
Testing and QA:
WeDoWebApps uses a streamlined Testing and QA process that catches software bugs and fixes them before the app is handed over to the client.
Deployment and Launch:
We assist you with the full deployment process of your PHP web app. We ensure a smooth roll-out, live server support, and app monitoring.
Post-Development Support:
We offer post-development support as one of our extended services. We continue to manage your codebase and facilitate all the development assistance your PHP project needs after the launch.

Onboard our Ready-to-Use Solutions with Ease

Industries our PHP Development Company has Covered

We have experience in delving into a wide spectrum of PHP use cases. From custom web apps to high-performance websites, we have covered the industry from length to breadth. Some of the top and most relevant parts of our PHP portfolio come from the following industries.

    • Sports
    • Entertainment and Media
    • Grocery and Retail
    • Food and Beverages

Hire PHP Developers

WeDoWebApps is known for its Custom PHP Development prowess that delivers custom PHP solutions for new businesses and startups. We offer both technical and business intelligence to your company for building a PHP solution that rightfully meets your development objectives while maintaining project health.

Come build an impactful PHP web app with the help of our trained PHP developers, product designers, and business analysts – all at your disposal for taking your business to the next pinnacle of success.

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Ready To Use Solutions You Can Count On

Taxi Booking Application Development Company

Taxi Booking Application Development Company

Let's accelerate your taxi business. We have a tendency to bring the facility of technology to attach your cabs to many travelers.

Online Food Ordering App Development Company

Online Food Ordering App Development Company

Connect foodies with nearby restaurants with an on-demand food delivery app development solution that offers you a competitive advantage.

Sports and Fitness Application Development Company

Sports and Fitness Application Development Company

Being healthy and fit is always essential to lead a happy and delightful life. Mobility has completely changed the traditional way of fitness and sports activity.

Video Streaming Application Development

Video Streaming Application Development

If an image worth a thousand words, at that point, a video merits a million. The streaming app is a customized media experience. From On-Demand Video Streaming to Live Streaming, we are specialists in building powerful video streaming applications.

Industries We Serve


We empower healthcare administration with our full-fledged mobile applications.


Draw your potential customers to your business with an online food chain facility application.


Go on next-level to expand your sports business using leveraging mobile app solutions.


Elevate learning experience with our highly compatible education app that makes learning fun.


Make most of it by using an app to enhance the entertainment experience from sound to HD videos.


When your customers’ comfort matters the most, we offer an app that works in your favor.


We are here to assist you with the safest transaction, secure banking, and smooth financial solutions.


Boost your local business to be global. Find unique solutions for your E-commerce and retail business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Custom PHP Development?

Custom PHP development offers several benefits, including flexibility, scalability, affordability, security, and ease of integration with other technologies.

Why should I Hire WeDoWebApps LLC for PHP web development services?

Being a leading PHP Web Development Company, we have gained expertise in developing diverse web solutions for our clients. The websites we develop are responsive, scalable, fast, SEO friendly, and, most importantly, customized according to the client’s requirements.

Is it possible to redesign my current website to the latest PHP version?

Of course, Yes. Avail of our custom PHP development services if you want to revamp your existing PHP website to the latest version. We can redesign your website to the latest PHP version without disturbing its functionalities and features. Get in touch with us to know more about redesigning your website. 

How much will it cost to get a custom PHP application with WeDoWebApps?

The true project costs can only be calculated by understanding the features and solutions used in the PHP web app. We facilitate your project under two business models – fixed-payment basis and hourly basis. We invite you to discuss your project with us to help us come up with the best quote for your project.

Will I own the source code for the solution?

Yes, you will get full access to the source code of the online store we will build for your business. This is pre-written in the contract that we will sign along with NDA.

What other services do you provide besides PHP development?

We are a dedicated PHP development company, but we also provide post-development maintenance and marketing services to promote your business.

Are PHP websites the same as PHP web apps?

PHP can be used to build both websites and web apps. It’s a flexible technology that helps businesses integrate custom features such as forms, user login, dashboards, etc in any part of their web product. WeDoWebApps is skilled at creating custom solutions that enable these functionalities.

For which industry sector is PHP beneficial?

PHP is rewarding to a great extent irrespective of industry vertical. Being an open-source platform, PHP is liked and used by millions of small and giant businesses.

Is PHP safe?

PHP renders safe and secure web application development. However, the amount of security depends on the company that builds the web app. You can rely on us to take all the required safety measures while crafting the web app solution.

Explain PHP web development?

PHP is an HTML embedded programming language that offers highly functional, seamless, and dynamic website solutions for various purposes.

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Published : 18th, December 2022 Edited : 15th, June 2023